Nigerian Journal of Animal Production

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The effect of different combinations of industrial and agricultural wastes as supplementary feeds on tilapia fingerlings production in floating net-hapas

SO Otubusin


Fry of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus (average initial weight, 0.04g) were stocked at a density of 100/m3 in floating net-hapas and fed different combinations of agro-industrial wastes under the following treatments: I, Corn bran only; ll, Corn bran+ Rice bran (1:1) and lll, Corn bran+ Rice bran + Brewer's waste (1:1:1). Each treatment was replicated twice, using completely randomised design. The combination of corn bran and rice bran (1:1) gave the best average final weight/fish, (1.260g); best average daily weight gain, (0.029g/day); best feed conversion ratio (FCR) 4.38; and specific growth rate (SGR), 3.59%/day.

Keywords: Agro-industrial wastes combinations, tilapia, floating net-hapas.

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