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Characterisation of White Fulani and Sokoto Gudali cattle breeds in Bauchi State, Nigeria

ST Mbap, IA Bawa


The study was conducted in Bauchi state between January, and July, 1997 to characterize White Fulani and Sokoto Gudali cattle breeds. Thirty animals of both sexes from each breed were randomly selected from fifteen farms/herds. Observations were carried out on both quantitative and qualitative characters. Sokoto Gudali was significantly (P<0.05) higher in five quantitative traits, while the White Fulani was significantly (P<0.05) higher in one quantitative traits only. Sokoto Gudali was higher in lactation yield (3211) than White Fulani (1951L). Tail length was 128.5cm for Sokoto Gudali males and 114.8cm for White Fulani males. Sokoto Gudali females had tail length of 127.2cm vs 116.3cm for White Fulani females. Scrotal circumference was 210.8cm in Sokoto Gudali females vs 198.3cm in White Fulani females. Mature weight in Sokoto Gudali females was 758.5kg vs 634.6kg in White Fulani females. The White Fulani breed was significantly (P<0.05) higher in number of days dry, 129.9 days vs 104.8 days for Sokoto Gudali breed. The descriptive (quantitative) parameters also showed marked differences between breeds.

Keywords: Cattle Breeds Characterisation, White Fulani, Sokoto Gudali.

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