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The herd structure of breeding does of small holder Red Sokoto goat

GN Akpa, S Duru, GS Bawa


A study to ascertain the heard structure of breeding does of small holder goat production system was conducted in Kano using 15 goat herds selected at random in 3 villages. A total of 250 breeding does were involved. The results indicate that parity of does in the observed herds ranged from one to ten. Twelve percent of the does within the age range, 5-25 months were yet to kid for the first time. In the herds, does that did not kid at least once, up to the age of 25 months were culled. However, majorities of the does were in their 2nd and 3rd parities and within the age range of 12-25 months. Twinning was common at 1st parity, irrespective of the age of does. Parity and litter size of does were the major determining factors on the observed herd structure for the breeding does. The observed structure indicates that <12 months does constitute 20% of the herd; 12- 25 months 48%; 26-39months 11.2% and; >40months 20.8%. Breeding does leave the herds starting from the 25th month of age at parity 2, 4, 7 and 10, respectively.

Keywords: Herd structure, breeding does, Red Sokoto Goats.

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