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Prevalence and seasonality of common health problems in Sokoto Gudali cattle at a beef research station in the Sudan Ecological Zone of Nigeria

CBI Alawa, AK Mohammed, OO Oni, IA Adeyinka, OS Lamidi, AM Adamu


The prevalence and seasonality of animal health problems encountered in Sokoto Gudali cattle over a 10 year period (1988- 1998) is reported. Out of a total of 304 cases observed, Streptothricosis accounted for (15.1%), Gastroenteritis, 37 (14.5%), Pinkeye 14 (13.5%), Helminthosis 37 (12.2%) traumatic injury 37 (12.2%) Recumbency 21 (6.9%), Retained placenta 14 (4.6%) Footrot 8 (2.6%) and Abscesses 7 (2.3%). Notable among the conditions that showed remarkable seasonality in prevalence are streptothricosis, footrot, pinkeye, heartwater, helminthosis and trypanosomosis which occurred during the rainy season, while cases of gastroenteritis, foot and mouth disease, pneumonia, abscesses and recumbency occurred during the dry season. This study gins an indication of some of the common animal health problems usually encountered under a semi-intensive cattle production system and the need for effective animal health care.

Keywords: Health problems, seasonality, prevalence, Sokoto Gudali.

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