Performance of broilers on furazolidone additive

  • S.N. Wekhe
  • V.N. Nyeche
Keywords: Broilers, furazolidone, feed additive


One hundred and twenty Anak broiler chicks of both sexes were fed furazolidone (additive) in feed to study their growth/weight gain response. The birds were grouped into four, A, B, C, and D of 30 chicks each Treatments B, C and D were administered with furazolidone in feed at the following dosage rates: 0.008%, 0.004% 0.002% respectively. Group A served as control in which furazolidone was not added in the feed All the groups, (except in feed intake where the control differed significantly) had no significant differences in body weight gain, feed efficiency, and feed intake. It was concluded that it is not necessary to rise furazolidone as a growth promoter in broiler feeds.

Keywords: Broilers, furazolidone, feed additive


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eISSN: 0331-2062