The Nature, Economics and Public Health Aspects of Bovine Brucellosis in Nigeria

  • GO Esuruoso


Bovine Brucellosis is a disease of cattle which causes abortions, retained placenta, infertility and economic losses in calf production in the affected herds. This disease has been diagnosed in various parts of the country (Esuruoso, 1974). Although some herds were found to be free, others were moderately infected, while others still were heavily infected. Unfortunately, some of the heavily infected cattle herds were at the breeding centres from where animals were usually sold out to beginners about to start their own foundation herds. Therefore, a trail of brucellosis could be followed to many of these herds.

From currently available information (Esuruoso & Hill, 1971; Esuruoso & Van Blake, 1972; Esuruoso 1974a & 1974b) it is estimated that direct losses due to bovine brucellosis alone in Oyo State is around ₦200,000 per 10,000 adult female cattle per annum. Losses in other parts of the country have been shown to be heavy in some places and low in others (Banerjee and Bhatty, 1970; Esuruoso, 1974b; Esuruoso, 1975; Nuru and Dennis, 1975) but can only be properly estimated when more work has been done to find out the status of most of the herds in relation to the incidence; only a very small percentage of herds in the northern state (Esuruoso, 1974b; Buru and Dennis, 1975) have been investigated.


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