Household Livestock in the Eruwa District of the Ibarapa Division, Oyo State, Nigeria

  • KC Sellers
  • OO Dipeolu
  • S Falade
  • R Babalola


Numbers of sheep, goats, pigs, chicken, dogs and cats classified as adult males, adult females and young were counted in Eruwa Ibarapa Division, Oyo State, Nigeria and its associated villages during July and August 1974. Counts involved a total of 1275 households, 769 in the town and 506 in the villages; 9.42 per cent kept sheep, 58.44 per cent goats, 4.32 per cent pigs, 88.00 per cent chickens, 28.16 per cent dogs and 27.38 per cent cats. Means of animals per town household were 4.59 sheep, 3.58 goats, 11.95 pigs, 14.73 chickens, 1.89 dogs and 1.62 cats; means per village household were 6.75 sheep, 5.01 goats, no pigs, 17.60 chickens, 2.01 dogs and 1.81 cats. The investigation has provided a sampling frame from which samples can be drawn for specific investigations and continuing surveillances.

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eISSN: 0331-2062