Plasma Calcium and Phosphorus In Weanling Pigs as influenced by Dietary Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio and Cestrum Diurnum ingestion

  • OB Kasali


Twenty Yorkshire piglets, weaned at approximately 4 weeks of age, were used  in this study to investigate the variations in plasma calcium and phosphorus as influenced by dietary calcium and phosphorus and 3 Cestrum diurnam.

In the CCD and TCD pigs, hypercalcemia developed rapidly and persisted following the feeding of 3% C. diurnum. WHile hypophosphatemia occurred in the CCD pigs, there was an initial and transient hyperphosphatemia with subsequent and terminal hyposphosphatemia in the TCD pigs.

THe hypercalcemia induced by the ingestion of 3% C. diurnum in the CCD and TCD pigs is attributed to increased intestinal absorption of calcium and not bore resorption. The initial hyperphosphatemic response in TCD pigs is also believed to be due to increase absorption of phosphorus from the high phosphorus diet.


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eISSN: 0331-2062