Biochemical analysis of Brachystegia aurycoma harms seeds

  • S. O. Babajide
  • S. A. Oluwalana
  • O. A. Akinlawon
Keywords: Brachystegia, seeds, chemical analysis


A biochemical analysis of Brachystegia aurycoma harm seeds was conducted. Brachystegia, of the family Leguminosae sub-family Caesalpinioidae is a timber tree whose seeds “achi”, are relished as soup condiment by the lgbo-speaking people of Nigeria. The seed were subjected to oil extraction using Soxhlet method. The oil was subjected to chemical analysis to determine the saponification, iodine, free fatly acid and acid values. Proximate analysis was carried out on the seed meal and the seed coat. Results showed that the oil content was 3.33% which is of good quality and fit for human consumtion. The saponification value was 287.85mg/KOH/g, free fatty acid value 6.73mg/KOH/g and iodine value 132.08%. The proximate analysis of the seed meal showed that the moisture content was 15.77%, ash 25%, protein 14.25%, crude fibre 19.05% and nitrogen free extractives (carbohydrates) 21.58%. It shows the seed meal as good source of plant protein and energy and of high roughage and mineral content. The proximate analysis of the seed coal showed that the ash content was 8.33%. The calcium and magnesium contents were 30.00 and 18.00% respectively. This shows that the seed coat can be a supplement in livestock feed.

Keywords: Brachystegia, seeds, chemical analysis


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eISSN: 0331-2062