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Effect of Dietary Calcium and Phosphorus Levels on Performance of Local and Exotic Pigs

JO Ilori, AA Adegbola


An experiment involving 30 local and 30 Large White pigs was conducted to study the effect of dietary calcium and phosphorus levels on rate and efficiency of gain, carcass and bone characteristics of growing-finishing pigs.

Rate and efficiency of gain and carcass quality were not significantly different among local pigs fed varying levels of calcium and phosphorus when the same calcium; phosphorus (Ca:P) ratio was maintained at all dietary levels. In contrast, exotic pigs receiving similar diets had a significant improvement in rate of gain. Dietary calcium and phosphorus levels affected metacarpal length, weight and also metacarpal and turbinate ash in both breeds. Growth rate and carcass quality of local pigs were however, lower than those of exotic pigs on similar diets.

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