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Nutritional evaluation of differently processed piper (Canavalia plagiosperma) seed meal (CPSM) in broiler starter diets

BO Esonu, RO Izukanne, ABI Udedibie, NJ Okeudo


A feeding trial was conducted with the aim of improving the nutritive value of Canavalia plagiosperma seedmeal (CPSM) for broiler starter rations. One hundred and fifty kilogram (150kg) of Canavalia plagiosperma seeds were cracked and thereafter divided into three batches. Two batches were soaked in water while the third batch was soaked in alkaline solution (2 % palm bunch ash by weight of the cracked seeds) in different plastic containers for 48 hours, before draining off the soaking solutions. The first, second and third batches were boiled in different pots for 1 hour, 2 hours and 1 hour respectively. They were separately sundried for 4 - 5 days and milled to produce cracked soaked in water and boiled for 1 hour (CSWB1), cracked soaked in water and boiled for 2 hours (CSWB2) and cracked soaked in alkaline and boiled for 1 hour (CSAB1), Canavalia plagiosperma seedmeals (CPSM) respectively. The meals were used to formulate seven broiler starter rations at 0 %, 10 % and 20 % dietary inclusion,levels, respectively( Table 3). Each of the seven broiler starter rations was fed to a group of 42 one-week-old broiler chicks for 28 days, to evaluate the performance of the birds and economic implications. There were significant differences (P<0.05) in daily feed intake, daily body weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Results from this trial suggests that CPSM could be included in broiler starter diets up to 20 % without adverse effect if cracked, soaked in water and boiled for an hour.

Keywords: Canavalia plagiosperma seeds, broiler starter, cracked, soaked, alkaline, boiled

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