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Effect of phytobiotics inclusion on haematological and serum indices of broiler chickens

OE Lawal, D Eruvbetine, RA Sobayo, OO Olowofeso


The effect of phytobiotics inclusion on haematological and serum indices of broiler chickens was investigated using 180 one day-old Arbor-acre broiler chicks in an eight weeks feeding trial. Six experimental diets were formulated to include the control diets (0g/kg), Ginger (5g/kg), Pawpaw leaf (5g/kg), Moringa (5g/kg), Turmeric(1g/kg) and Oxytetracycline (0.5g/kg) diet. These diets were assigned to six groups of 30 chicks replicated 3 times with 10 birds per replicate in a completely randomized design (CRD). Feed and water were given ad libitum. At the end of eight weeks, blood samples were collected from jugular vein of the birds and were analyzed for haematological and serum biochemical indices. The result of the analysis showed that dietary treatments significantly (p<0.05) influenced all haematological parameters studied. Ginger had the highest value of packed cell volume (45%), haemoglobin (15.05 g/dl) and red blood cell count (3.39×1012L-1) at the finisher phase. Total protein, uric acid, glucose were significant (p<0.05). Serum cholesterol value was significantly (p<0.05) lower in birds supplemented with ginger compared to other groups. It can be concluded that ginger at 5g/kg improved PCV, Hb and reduction of cholesterol concentration in broiler chicken.

Keywords: Ginger, turmeric, moringa, pawpaw, hematology, serum, broiler

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