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The occurrence of liver flukes in cattle and sheep slaughtered in Sokoto abattoir, Northwestern Nigeria

MO Alayande, MD Lawal, AA Mohammed, M Ibafidon, N Ibrahim, AO Talabi


This study was carried out to determine the occurrence of liver fluke infections in cattle and sheep slaughtered in Sokoto metropolitan abattoir, northwestern Nigeria using bile samples. A total of 170 cattle and 126 sheep of different local breeds were randomly selected and examined at the abattoir and the gall bladder of such animals were collected, sliced open and the entire content washed into a beaker and allowed to stand for up to 6 hours after which the sediments were examined for eggs of Fasciola spp. and Dicrocoelium spp. 17.06% and 4.76% of cattle and sheep respectively were infected with Dicrocoelium spp., but egg of Fasciola spp. was not found in the animals sampled in this study. Eggs of Dicrocoelium spp. were found to be highest in female cattle (18.75%) and female sheep (5.88%). It was concluded that liver flukes are present in the study area; therefore regular monitoring of ruminants for liver flukes and a comprehensive study encompassing the epidemiology of the intermediate hosts for effective control is recommended.

Keywords: Occurrence, Liver Flukes Cattle, Sheep, Sokoto, Abattoir

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