preliminary study on the Monthly dynamics of cattle tick infestation in Sokoto, north western Nigeria

  • M. D. Lawal
  • J.P. Fabiyi
  • B.D.J. George
  • Y. Adamu
  • A. Kabir
  • M.O. Alayande
  • A.A. Raji
  • A. Mahmuda
  • M. Usman
  • S. Aminu
Keywords: Population, dynamics, cattle ticks, Sokoto township and environs.


The distribution and monthly dynamics of bovine ixodids in Sokoto Township and environs were recorded between Jan 2009 and Dec 2010. Monthly tick collections were performed on 400 animals from which a total of 12, 296 ticks were collected. Ticks from each cattle were collected separately using a pair of blunt forceps, into labelled universal bottles containing 70% ethanol into which 5% glycerine was added to keep specimens better  preserved. On each label, the location, breed of the animal, number of ticks and date of collection were recorded. In the laboratory, Ticks were placed into petri dishes, counted, examined and identified with the aid of a dissecting stereoscope based on morphological Characteristics and aided by the use of standard keys according to Hoogstraal (1956) and Walker et al. (2003). These include Hyalomma truncatum (15.5%), Hyalomma  dromedarii (13.3%), Boophilus decolaratus (11.3%) Amblyomma variegatum (10.6%), Hy. impeltatum, (10.1%), Hy. rufipes (9.4%), Hy. impressum (7.4%), Boophilus annulatus (4.4%), B. geigyi (4.3%), Rhipicephalus sanguineus (4.1%) Amblyomma hebraeum (3.4%), Rh. evertsi (2.6%), A. pomposum (2.0%), Rh. lunulatus (1%) and Rh. senegalensis (0.5%). Hyalomma. truncatum, Hy. impeltatum, Hy. Impress B. annulatus, A. hebraeum, A. pomposum, Rh. lunulatus and Rh. senegalensis were recorded for the first time in the Study area. The distribution and dynamics of cattle ixodid ticks has not been hitherto chronicled in the study area.

Key words: Population, dynamics, cattle ticks, Sokoto township and environs.


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eISSN: 0331-2062