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Prediction of Japanese quail egg weight using egg components as regressors

I.O. Dudusola
E.A. Adeyemi
S.I. Ayodele


This study was conducted on one hundred freshly laid eggs from Japanese quails with the purpose of predicting quail egg weight (EW) from some  internal and external egg components, and also to have accurate and reliable models, for the prediction of egg weight without the use of sensitive scale. The following external (egg weight, egg width, egg length, shell thickness) and internal (yolk width, yolk length, albumen height and haugh  unit) components were measured and the level of relationships between them were determined. Descriptive statistics for egg weight, egg length, egg width, albumen height, yolk height, yolk width, shell thickness and haugh unit were 9.13g, 2.97cm, 2.33cm, 0.57cm, 1.14cm, 2.18cm, 0.13mm and 57.58, respectively. Intercept and slope of regression between variables were determined. Generated values were used in multiple, double and  simple linear regression equations, respectively. A total of ten prediction equations comprising three multiple, six double and nine simple linear resulted from the data generated. All the equations developed can be used in egg type quail operations. Each prediction equation with egg weight  as the dependent variable will assist poultry breeders and farmers in particular in determining the precise egg weight of eggs laid by birds on the farm.

Keywords: prediction, dependent variable, egg components, models, Japanese quail

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eISSN: 0331-2062