Response of broiler chickens fed single straight diet fortified with fish meal

  • D.N. Okunkwo
  • C.N. Okocha
Keywords: broiler chickens, fish meal


This study was carried out to evaluate the growth performance, cut parts characteristics and organ proportions of broiler chickens fed single straight diet fortified with fish meal. The basal diet was augmented with fishmeal to take the crude protein from 22% to 28%. One hundred and twenty day-old broiler chicks were used in this study which lasted for six weeks. The birds were randomly distributed into 4 treatments (T1 , T2 , T3 and T4 ) that were replicated three times with 10 birds per replicate. The replicate T1 , T2 , T3 and T4 had different inclusion rate of crude protein which were 22%, 24%, 26% and 28% all with an energy level of 2900kcal/kg. Parameters measured were the initial body weight, final body weight, values calculated include average daily feed intake, average body weight gain and feed conversion ratio. There were no significant differences observed in all the growth parameters measured. No significant differences (p>0.05) were observed in the cut parts characteristics and internal organ proportions measured. Taking all the parameters measured into consideration it suggests that in this single straight diet for broiler chicken, there were no adverse effects on their growth performance. Therefore, the four treatment diets were good enough to give body weight in the range of 2-2.5kg that resulted in dressed carcass weight of 1.35-1.5kg, a range of weight that the fast food lines desire.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062