Influence of creep diet on blood profile ofWest African dwarf lambs raised in humid tropical environment

  • C.A. Ebuzor
  • F.O. Ahamefule
  • O.I. Prudent
  • L.E. Okoye
  • A.L. Nzotta
  • A.B. Ukonu
  • C.A. Orji
  • D.N. Onunkwo
  • M.O. Oden
Keywords: creep feeding, blood profile, WAD lambs


A 70-day feeding trial was carried out to determine the influence of creep diets on haematological and biochemical blood profile of West African dwarf lambs maintained in a  humid tropical environment. Nine lambs at 6 weeks of age were completely randomized into three equal groups and each subsequently subjected to one of three nutritional regimens from 6 to 16 weeks post-partum (point of weaning). Lambs in group 1 (control) suckled their dams only (diet A). Groups 2 and 3 lambs, were in addition to suckling, given supplementary rations formulated to contain 10.0% Soya bean and groundnut cakes (diets B and C) in concentrate mix, respectively. Animals in supplemented groups were offered concentrate diets at 3% of their body weights throughout the trial. Except for MCH, PCV and MCHC, there were no significant differences (P>0.05) in values of other haematological parameters measured. AST and creatinine values were however similar (P>0.05), but significant differences (P<0.05) existed in values of other blood biochemical indices measured. Results of this study showed that creep feeding of lambs stabilizes haematological and biochemical blood profile which is indicative of normal health and nutritional status of the animals.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062