Phenotypic correlation of linear type measurements and functional type traits in two Nigerian cattle breeds

  • H. K. Yahaya
  • E. A. Abare
  • B. I. Nwagu
Keywords: Cattle, Bunaji, Sokoto Gudali, cows, linear type traits


A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of linear measurements and linear type traits in two breeds of cattle in Nigeria. Observations on linear type traits of 142 cows consisting of 89 Bunaji and 53 Sokoto Gudali breeds were scaled and scored thrice within a period of May to July, 2017. Live weight and nine body linear measurements (Height at Rump-HR, Height at Withers-HW, Body Length-BL, Length of Hip-LH, Rump Length-RL, Width of Hips-WH, Width of Pins-WP, Chest Depth-CD, and Chest Width-CW) and eight linear type traits scores (Stature-ST, Body Depth-BD, Rump Width-RW, Teat Length-TL, Udder Depth-UD, Body Condition Score-BCS, Rear Legs Set (side view), and Fore Udder Attachment) were also measured. Result showed significant (p<0.05) difference for HW (129.61±0.31), BL (107.87±0.32), LGT (85.37±0.34), RL (40.04±0.17) and CW (35.07±0.28) for Bunaji cows
which were higher than HW (127.65±0.40), BL (104.02±0.51), LGT (82.22±0.40), RL (37.87±0.91) and CW (30.04±0.29 cm), respectively for Sokoto Gudali cows. The highest live weight was obtained with Sokoto Gudali (230.61 kg) which differed significantly (p<0.05) from the Bunaji cows (219.05 kg).
Keywords: Cattle, Bunaji, Sokoto Gudali, cows, linear type traits Phenotypic correlation result showed that cumulative index had the highest correlation with body length (0.684) in Bunaji cow and highest correlation with width of pins (0.790) in Sokoto Gudali cows. Live weight had the
highest correlation with height at withers (0.701) in Bunaji cows, and highest correlation with chest depth (0.823) in Sokoto Gudali cows. In conclusion, there were considerable variations observed for some body measurements, linear type and functional indices and type trait scores between Bunaji and Sokoto Gudali cows, which indicated clear genetic distinction between them.


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eISSN: 0331-2062