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Growth response of rabbits fed graded levels of processed and undehulled sunflower seeds

W.O. Biobaku, E.O. Dosumu


The effects of processed and undehulled sunflower seed (PUSS) as feed supplement, on the performance of growing rabbits was studied.The eight weeks feeding trial involving twenty four, six weeks old male and female New Zealand white rabbits weighing 600-650g in a completely randomized design were feed three diets containing 0% (control), 10% and 20%.processed and undehulled sunflower seeds. The processed and undehulled sunflower seed was high in both fat and fibre levels (25.42 and 29.82%) respectively but low in both protein and nitrogen free extract (17.92 and 16.48%) respectively. The 10% level of inclusion of PUSS in the diet gave significantly (P< 0.05) better weight gains than the 20% PUSS. Feed efficiency and protein efficiency were similar for the control and 10% PUSS supplements, which were both superior (P<0.05) to the 20% PUSS diet. There was no incidence of enteritis or mortality among the treatment groups.
Keywords: Rabbits, processed undehulled sunflower seed.
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