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Effects of graded levels of iron-fortified locally produced natural vitamin premix on the performance and carcass characteristics of broilers

S.A. Bolu, O.O. Balogun


A feeding trial was conducted using broilers to determine the optimum inclusion levels of locally produced natural vitamin premix (LPNVP) and compare the performance to a commercial vitamin-mineral premix(CVMP) commonly sold within Nigeria. Feed intake, weight gain and feed utilization efficiency varied (P<0.05) among the various dietary treatments considered. Feed utilization efficiency and weight gain were inversely related to feed intake for birds fed LPNVP-based diets and these measurements were lower (P<0.05) than values observed for birds fed CVMP based diets. Nutrient retentions were also not influenced (P>0.05) by the various inclusion levels of LPNVP studied, although these criteria were also significantly lower for birds fed LPNVP-based diets compared with birds fed CVMP-based diets. Although, dressing percentage was not affected (P>0.05) by the dietary levels, relative fresh organs and primal cut weights were different (P<0.05) for birds fed the various levels of LPNVP and the control birds fed CVMP-based diets. It was however cheaper (P<0.05) to use LPNVP than CVMP as a source of vitamin for broilers.
Keywords: Locally produced Natural vitamin premix, Commercial vitamin/mineral premix
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