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Biotechnology in Aquaculture: Prospects and Challenges

OM Edun
A Uka


Fish farming is the world’s fastest-growing sector of agricultural business.  Consumer demand for fish products is increasing. At the same time, wild fish stocks are rapidly declining, mainly because of over-fishing. Aquaculture  contributes more than 16 million tones of fish and shellfish annually to the world food supply. Increased public demands for fish and dwindling natural marine habitats have encouraged scientists to study ways that biotechnology can increase the production of fish and shellfish. Biotechnology allows  scientists to identify and combine traits in fish and shellfish to increase productivity and improve quality. This article describes ways in which  biotechnology is applied to aquaculture and the future of fish farming.

Key words: Biotechnology, Aquaculture, Fish Production

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print ISSN: 0189-1731