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Molluscicidal Effects of <i>Talinum triangulare</i> on <i>Bulinus truncatus</i>

OC Okeke
PO Ubachukwu


The molluscicidal effects of Talinum triangulare from two locations in Nigeria on Bulinus truncatus were studied in the laboratory. Snails were exposed for 96h to different concentrations of ethanolic extract of the plant root from Nsukka in Enugu State and Erei in Cross River State, Nigeria. Those in dechlorinated water served as control. On coming in contact with the test medium, the snails reacted by speedily crawling out of the containers. Exposure of snails to Talinum triangulare concentrations of less than 300ppm showed only ovicidal activity while varying numbers of those exposed to 300ppm died as the exposure time increased. The control group recorded no effects. Snail recovery was only observed in concentrations less than 300ppm. The LC50 of the plant root extract from Nsukka in Enugu State and Erei in Cross River State decreased (ranging from 505-251ppm) as exposure time increased. The molluscicidal activities (LC50) of the ethanolic plant root extracts from the two locations were not significantly different (p> 0.05). The ethanolic plant root extracts of T. triangulare may be a potential molluscicide in schistosomiasis control.

Key words: Molluscicide, Talinium triangulare, Bulinus truncatus, Schistosomiasis.

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print ISSN: 0189-1731