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The Use of DNA Barcoding in Identification of Genetic Diversity of Fish in Ugwu-Omu Nike River in Enugu

C Nwakanma, G Ude, MN Unachukwu


In this study, for the first time, the use of DNA barcoding was used in identification of the genetic diversity of fish in Ugwu-omu Nike River, Enugu State, Nigeria. The fish were collected and placed in an aquarium and later transported to the Biotechnology laboratory of Godfrey Okoye University. The fish collection was followed by identification and genomic extraction using standard methods. Isolation of DNA from fish tissue was done using PROMEGA kit. Fish samples were labeled before amplification of the DNA by PCR. Samples were further analyzed using gel electrophoresis and were viewed using UV transilluminations. Fish samples were later sequenced for genetic diversity using a DNA Subway sequencer. The result shows that, gel electrophoresis had a clear DNA band on the eleven fish species collected. In the DNA subway sequences, only 9 out of the 11 fish species were identified while 2 were not identified. Fish species revealed similar and different polymorphism and genomic classification during the experiment. Therefore, it is important that continuous research be carried out in Nigeria waters for fish diversity studies.

Keywords: Biotechnology, Genetics, PCR, DNA, Biodiversity, DNA Barcodes, Taxonomy
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