In Vitro Stimulation of the Auxiliary Nodal Complex for Enhanced Propagule Production In Five Edible Dioscorea (Yam) Species

  • C.E.A Okezie
  • C.B Nwokolo
Keywords: In vitro stimulation, Enhanced propagule production, Dioscorea species


Five species of edible yams, namely; Dioscorea alata, D. bulbifera, D. cayenensis, D. dumetorum and D. rotundata were screened on full strength MS media supplemented with a cytokinin (benzyl adenine) and an auxin (indolebutyric acid) for their morphogenetic capacity using axillary nodal explants. Shoot organogenesis was obtained for all the species, in which all the primordia within the axillary complex differentiated into shoots, except for D. bulbifera in which only three primordia showed shoot proliferation while the bulbil primordium proliferated into a profuse callus. Shoots arising from the explants were excised singly and rooted within 10 days in media containing 5.0 &#181M NAA. The resulting plantlets were hardened, and grown for 16 weeks into plants that yielded tubers (weighing between 39.2 &#177 4.7 and 53.6 &#177 8.2 g at harvest), which served as propagules for subsequent field planting.

Key Words: In vitro stimulation, Enhanced propagule production, Dioscorea species


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print ISSN: 0189-1731