Spermatological Parameters of Extended Rabbit Semen in 5% Indigenous Poultry Egg Yolk Plasma-Biofortified Extender

  • M.A. Popoola
  • C.I. Alemede
  • A. Aremu
  • S.I. Ola
  • Y.R. Popoola
  • O.H. Yusuf
Keywords: rabbit semen, egg yolk plasma, chilling storage, avian species.


The in vitro evaluation of spermatological parameters is of great importance in the validation of semen samples to be used in artificial insemination. This study was aimed at evaluating the effect of 5% egg yolk plasma from 5 Nigerian domesticated avian species as a component of semen extender in the preservation of rabbit semen to be used for field fertility trials. The evaluated parameters (%) pre and post chilling storage were mass motility, forward progressive motility (FPM), liveability, acrosome integrity and total abnormalities at 37 0C, 0 hours, 5 0C, 24 hours and 5 0C, 48 hours. The 5% egg yolk plasma (EYP) was locally sourced from Chicken, Guinea fowl, Quail, Turkey and Muscovy bio assayed egg yolk samples. Semen samples used were aliquoted from the heterospermic pool of 20 bucks maintained under the same husbandry management regime. The result showed that at 37 °C post extension but pre-chilling storage, mass motility (%) in guinea fowl egg yolk plasma (GEYP) extended rabbit semen was significantly different (P<0.05) from that of the other samples compared except for Muscovy. The best acrosome integrity was recorded in Turkey (EYP) extended rabbit semen 76.00% while the best abnormality of 9.67 % was recorded with quail (EYP). After chilling for 24 hours at 5 0C, the best combination of spermatological parameters was found in quail egg yolk plasma (QEYP) containing extender having average mass motility of 63.00 %, FPM of 50.33 %, liveability of 82.33 %, acrosome integrity of 66.00 % and total abnormality of 6.67 % being the least. At 48 hours, QEYP extended semen gave the best result with the highest values of 74.67 %, 62.33 %, 81.67 % and 78.00 % for mass motility, FPM, liveability and acrosome integrity respectively. Quail (EYP) could be used as an alternative to chicken (EYP) in the production of semen extender for rabbit semen chilling storage.

Key words: rabbit semen, egg yolk plasma, chilling storage, avian species.


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print ISSN: 0189-1731