Evaluation of Genotoxic Effect of Photographic Effluent Using Allium cepa Assay

  • O. F. Obidi
  • K. L. Njoku
  • T. A. Akinmolayan
Keywords: Photographic effluent, Allium cepa, toxicological survey, genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, environmental toxicity.


The increased need to keep graphic records of events has led to the use of photography in investigation and surveys and hence increased photographic activities. Toxicological survey of photographic effluents has received little attention in Nigeria, though the constituents have been shown to be very toxic. This study investigated the genotoxic effects of photographic effluents from selected locations in Lagos, Nigeria using Allium cepa assay, viability test, root length measurements and cytological studies. There was inhibition of root length development in addition to several chromosomal aberrations observed in the root of Allium cepa exposed to the effluents. Furthermore, there were statistical differences among the aberrations produced by the different concentrations of the effluent (p<0.05; p<0.01; p<0.001). It was inferred that photographic effluents have genotoxic and cytotoxic effects. Thus, there is need for biological detoxification of photographic effluents before disposal into the environment to remove or reduce the pollutant load in them.

Keywords: Photographic effluent; Allium cepa; toxicological survey; genotoxicity; cytotoxicity; environmental toxicity.


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print ISSN: 0189-1731