Genetic variability among some miscellaneous legumes for yield-related traits

  • J.B.O. Porbeni
  • M.A. Ayo-Vaughan
  • O Osunniyi
Keywords: Legumes, diversity, relatedness, dendogram


Twenty-four (24) accessions of seven (7) legumes were planted to determine the relationship in their Agro-morphology and to estimate the heritability of plant character, using Randomize Complete Block Design (RCBD). The experiment was carried out at Teaching and Research Farms, Federal university of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Collection of data was carried out on plant height, stem girth, leaf length, leaf breadth, stem colour, flower colour, leaf shape, 100-seed weight, number of pod per plant, number of seed per pod and pod length. Data collected were subjected to Analysis of variance, inter-character association among the plant characters evaluated was determined using Pearson coefficient correlation analysis, while relatedness was done using dengrogram. Data analyses show significant effect among all the legumes indicating that there is possibility for selection. All plant characters evaluated show high heritability with genotypic variance higher than environmental effect. Number of pods per plant and number of seeds per pod were negatively correlated with all traits studied. Hundred seed weight was positively correlated with all traits studied except seedling emergence and number of pods per plant. The linkage clusters shows similarities at various percentage among the twenty-four accessions. All the accessions were distinct from each other at 0.0, while at a distance of 0.50 levels they formed four clusters. Legumes with high yield potential can be considered for selection, while characters with high heritability estimate can be used as criteria for selection during breeding programs. Accessions TVR-28, TVR-39 and TVR-86 with high number of seed per pod and TVA-1 and TVA-2 for pods per plant could be considered during selection and further breeding work.

Keywords: Legumes, diversity, relatedness, dendogram


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print ISSN: 0189-1731