Expression of Wild-Type p53 by Curcumin, Alpinetin and Flavokawain B in Colorectal Cancer cells Expressing R273H Mutant p53

  • I. Malami
  • A. Muhammad
  • I.B. Abubakar
  • A.M. Alhassan
Keywords: Curcumin, Alpinetin, Flavokawain B, p53, R273H


A mutation in p53 is frequently reported in nearly 50% of all of human cancers arising from DNA-binding core domain of p53. DNA-contact mutant R273H rendered p53 at dysfunctional state due to the substitution of single residue Arg273 for His273. Here, natural bioactive compounds curcumin, alpinetin and flavokawain B were investigated for possible stabilisation of wild-type p53 expression in vitro using HT-29 cells harbouring R273H rendered p53. Accordingly, all the bioactive compounds were able to induce the expression of wild-type p53 both at the levels of gene and protein expression. A dose-dependent induction of p53 was evident at 12.5, 25 and 50 μM concentration. The present study has shown that the bioactive compounds may have restored the wild-type p53 functional activity in tumour cells expressing R273H mutant p53.

Keywords: Curcumin, Alpinetin, Flavokawain B, p53, R273H


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0794-5698