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Detection of Newcastle Disease antibodies amongst local chicken slaughtered in live bird markets in Kaduna, Nigeria

Y. S. Wungak
A. Alhassan
D.B. Judith
I. Bitrus
I.B. Shallangwa
H.G. Ularamu


Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) constitutes a major constraint to the poultry production system in Nigeria. This study was carried out to investigate the seroprevalence of NDV antibodies in local chickens (Gallus domesticus) slaughtered in five different live bird markets (LBMs) in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria. Three hundred blood samples were collected and screened for antibodies against NDV using Haemagglutination Inhibition (HI). An overall seroprevalence rate of 23% (95%:CI18.5-28.0) was recorded in this study. Seroprevalence based on different LBMs revealed a higher prevalence of 28.3% (95% : Cl 18.0-40.7) in Sabo market, followed by Sokoto road market 26.7% (Cl:16.7-38.9), Kawo market 18.3% (95% Cl: 10.0-29.6), Railway market 13.3% (Cl:6.4-23.5), and the lowest prevalence was recorded in central market 11.7% (Cl:5.2-21.7). The difference in seroprevalence among the LBMs was not statistically significant (p > 0.05). Higher seroprevalence of NDV antibodies in female birds 30.5 % (Cl: 24.1-37.6) was recorded compared to male 13.9% (Cl: 8.3-21.4). The study indicated that NDV is endemic in the population. LBMs location had no significant influence on the seroprevalence of NDV in the study area. The difference in seroprevalence between sexes was statistically significant (p < 0.05). Therefore, this study demonstrated the need for a regular strategic vaccination programme against NDV in local chickens in Kaduna metropolis.