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Complex Formation Between Iron(III) and Isonicotinohydroxamic Acid and Its Microbial Studies

AO Aliyu
JN Nwabueze


Complex of Fe(III) with isonicotinohydroxamic acid (INHA) has been investigated by using spectrophotometric method. Fe(III) in aqueous solution revealed the sole formation of the 1:3 complexes at equilibrium. The spectra and magnetic studies of the isolated complex indicated octahedral coordination. The bonding mode proposed for the Fe(III) hydroxamate complex is N-bonding mode.The complex is biologically active against Staphyloccus.aureus, Escherichia-coli, Salmonella-typhyllium,
Klebsiella ,α-heamolytic Streptocococcus, Pseudomonias, Corrynebacterium and Neisseria.

KEYWORDS: Hydroxamic acid, Fe(III) complex, N-bonding mode, microorganism and octahedral coordination.