Physicochemical Properties of the Soils of Wassaniya Forest Reserve Tangaza Local Government, Sokoto State

  • M Atiku
  • SS Noma
Keywords: Physico-chemical properties, Soils, Wassaniya, Forest reserve


A study was conducted on the physical and chemical properties of the soils of Wassaniya Forest Reserve in Tangaza Local Government Area of Sokoto State, Nigeria. The study area was divided into 4 main plots located at Wassaniya, Jimajimi, Yartagimba and Daiji purposively selected based on vegetation density and human interference. From each of the four main plots three sample plots of size 0.5ha were randomly selected and demarcated to serve as replicates. Four composite soil samples were collected at the depth of 0 to 15cm from each plot using a soil auger for laboratory analyses. Four other undisturbed soil samples were collected for bulk density determination using a core sampler. The soils at the four locations varied in texture from sandy loam (SL) at Yartagimba, clay loam (CL) at Wassaniya and Daiji to clay (C) at Jimajimi. The results indicated that the soils at Jimajimi had the highest moisture contents (9%) though not statistically significant. The highest pH value (6.94) was obtained in the soils of Jimajimi which are slightly alkaline compared with the soils of Yartagimba (5.47) as well as those at Wassaniya and Daiji with pH values of 4.23 which connotes acidic reaction. Yartagimba had the highest Bulk density (1.32Mg/m3), organic carbon (1.64g/kg) exchangeable potassium (0.88cmol./kg) as well as highest nitrogen (0.49g/kg) hence the soils are more fertile.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0794-5698