Assessment of Physicochemical Properties of some Bitumens from Nigerian Resources

  • TN Guma
  • PB Madakson
  • DS Yawas
  • SY Aku
Keywords: Bitumen, resources at Agbabu and KRPC, quality, usage, properties, basic information


Bitumen is a cheap, common, and important material in today’s technological world. Bitumens gotten at different locations on earth, and produced from different manufacturing processes, or crude feedstocks can however have wide variations in physico-chemical properties and levels of service performances. Hence reliability, handling, and modification in technological usage of different bitumens demands that proper information on a given harvested one should be consulted. Nigeria has large reserves of natural bitumen resources and potentials for sustained production of bitumen in large quantity, but basic applicable public information is lacking on bitumens at most locations of the resources. In this paper, proper test-obtained result of the properties is presented for three bitumen samples obtained from some important sources in the country. Assessment of the results vis-a-vis available information on bitumens elsewhere indicate that any clear surface or underground natural bitumen obtainable in the region of Agbabu village in Ondo State, and a manufactured type from Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) in the country are comparable with bitumens of good or acceptable qualities from other locations in the world. Bitumen from the region and the as-manufactured are therefore recommended to be producing in large available quantity and exploiting for different technological applications.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0794-5698