Assessment of Physicochemical Properties of Biodiesel from African Grapes (Lannea microcarpa Engl.& K.Krause)

  • MM Yunus
  • AA Zuru
  • UZ Faruq
  • AA Aliero
Keywords: African Grape, Lannea microcarpa, Seeds, Oil, Biodiesel


The African Grape (Lannea microcarpa) seed oil was extracted and subjected to fuel properties tests according to standard method for oil and fuel analysis to evaluate its suitability as oil crop for biodiesel production in Nigeria. The oil was transesterified using alkali hydrolysis to biodiesel. The yields of the oil and its methyl ester were 41.20 ±1.32% and 85 ± 1.30% respectively. The biodiesel produced was analysed for its  physicochemical properties and yielded the following properties; kinematic viscosity at 40oC (5.80 cSt), acid value (1.66 mgKOHg-1), flash point (96 oC), cloud point (+9oC), sulphur content (0.03 wt %), and free glycerol (0.54%). The results obtained showed that most of the important properties were within the recommended standards for a biofuel grade biodiesel and suggest the potential of L. microcarpa seeds as a source of biodiesel.

Keywords: African Grape, Lannea microcarpa, Seeds, Oil, Biodiesel


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print ISSN: 0794-5698