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Neonatal gastric perforation: a report of 3 cases and literature review

M.A. Abdulsalam, R.I. Osuoji, O.T. Ajai


Neonatal gastric perforation (NGP) is an uncommon disease. Historical reports regard the aetiology as spontaneous while the mortality remains high. We present the report of the cases of neonatal gastric perforations who presented to our facility, its diverse aetiology and a review of the literature. Their clinical data including age, sex, weight, maternal complications, aetiology, location of perforation and the operation performed are summarized. NGP was complicated by anaemia, leukocytosis and thrombocytopaenia in all cases. The overall mortality rate was 66.7% and this was attributed to late presentation. We recommend early recognition and prompt surgical intervention as a way to salvage the condition. Also, passing a nasogastric tube and ensuring free drainage of gastric air and fluid should form part of neonatal resuscitation procedures as a way to prevent gastric over distension and subsequent perforation.

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