Subsequent Reproductive Performance in Survivors of Complicated Abortion

  • A.O Fabamwo
  • O.I Akinola
Keywords: abortion, reproduction, fertility, complication, survivors


Objective To study the subsequent reproductive performance of women who had undergone complicated abortions. Materials and Methods Attempts were made to trace 299 survivors of complicated abortions from an earlier study. Their contact telephone numbers and addresses had been recorded at the time of initial management. Only 237 (79.3%) were traced. Questionnaires were administered bordering on their gynecological and obstetric histories since the antecedent complicated abortions. The results were then analyzed. Results Only 237 (79.3%) subjects were available to complete the questionnaires. There was a total of 49 pregnancies (20.7%), 21 (8.9%) of which resulted in 6 preterm and 15 term deliveries, 11 (4.6%) induced abortions and 17 (7.2%) spontaneous abortions. There were 2 cases of ectopic pregnancies. There were no striking antenatal complications. 14 cases had spontaneous vertex deliveries while 5 had caesarian sections while 2 had forceps deliveries. There were 2 cases of postpartum hemorrhage. 103 (44%) of the subjects who still desired pregnancy were yet unable to conceive. Conclusions The subsequent reproductive performance in survivors of complicated abortion appears to be largely characterized by a high rate of sub-fertility, fetal wastage and preterm deliveries. Key words: abortion, reproduction, fertility, complication, survivors

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eISSN: 2141-1123
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