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Giant Calculus In The Mouth Of Partially Edentulous Woman, (Case Report)

JO Taiwo
B Shodeinde


Objective: This case report is to create awareness of the presence of giant calculus in the mouth, the possible causes and its prevention

Report: This describes the oral condition of a partially edentulous woman with a giant calculus in the mouth. It highlights the effect of such an enormous calculus in the oral cavity.

Conclusion: Such gross calculus formation could have resulted from oral hygiene neglect, facilitated by the anatomical position of teeth 18 and 46 as well as lack of use of these teeth for mastication. The importance of plaque control in maintenance of oral health and in the prevention of calculus formation cannot be over emphasized. Even though chemotherapeutic agents are available, effective mechanical plaque removal still remains the best methods to achieve this purpose.

KEY WORDS: Calculus, Juvenile, Periodontitis, Piaque, Prevention

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol.6(1) 2003: 74-77