Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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Cranial Computerized Tomography In The Evaluation Of Stroke Patients In Ibadan

AO Ogunseyinde, OM Atalabi


206 patients clinically diagnosed as stroke / cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) were investigated using computerized tomography (CT) scan. 19 patients (9%) had normal scan. While 20(9.7%) had other lesions including atrophy and tumours. Of the 167 (18. %) patients proven to have suffered a cerebro- vascular accident (CVA/stroke), 73 (43.7 %) were haemorrhagic , 92 (55.1%) were infarcts; and left side when it is haemorrhagic than infarct (16.7% :38.3) The parietal and frontal lobes were affected when lesions occur in single site while caudate nucleus, putamen and ventricle are commonly affected when lesion is more than 2 sites. The occipital lobe i.e. posterior artery territory is infrequently involved.
KEY WORDS: Cranial, Computerized Tomography, Stroke.
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol.6(2) 2003: 81-83

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