Gastrointestinal Kaposi Sarcoma Presenting In A Nigeria African With HIV / AIDS

  • OFN Ozoemena Department of Anatomy / Surgery, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu
  • AU Mba Department of Pharmaco- therapeutics,University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu
  • SO Mgbor Department of Radio – Diagnosis, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu
  • WIB Onuigbo Hope foundation Clinics Department of Pathology, National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu.
Keywords: Kaposi Sarcoma, Adult Intussusception, Surgical Outcome


Adult intussusception is a rare condition that is seen once in a while in surgical practice, 1. In this report we the case of a thirty –five year old Nigeria male on medical treatment of earlier diagnosed AIDS who had no evidence of cutaneous Kaposi sarcoma. He later presented with a palpable right lower quadrant mass and classic symptoms of intestinal obstruction for which he was referred to surgery. The findings at laparotomy were right ileo – colonic intussusception with polypoid lead point. There were also multiple intra – luminal growths involving the entire right colon, the caecum the appendix and the terminal ileum. A right hemi – colectomy with ileo – colonic anastamosis was performed, and the resulting specimen sent for histological examination confirmed Kaposi sarcoma. Assessment of the patient's clinical condition five months post – operatively revealed a significant improvement; patient regained weight from 43 kg on admission to 58.3 kg .We conclude that Kaposi sarcoma be included in the aetipathogenesis of adult intussusception
KEY WORDS: Kaposi Sarcoma, Adult Intussusception, Surgical Outcome
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol.6(2) 2003: 117-119

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eISSN: 1119-3077