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Distribution And Types Of Artificial Crowns And Bridges Prescribed At Nigerian Teaching Hospital

AO Oginnin, AO Olusile, CI Udoye


Objective; to determine the and distribution of artificial crows and fixed partial dentures, to analyse the age and gender distribution of patients receiving these pros these and to result with studies elsewhere

Materials and methods: The present study consists of patients who received crowns and fixed partial dentures from January 1998 to December 2002, at the Hospital of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex lle lfe, Nigeria.

Result: total of 380 crowns were prescribed and fabricated 224 patients (F = 108, M= 116), giving an average of 1.7 crowns per patient. The majority of the crowns were fabricated patients in the age group 20 – 29 yeas. There were no statically crowned tooth was the maxillary central incisor constituting 59.7 per cent. All – resin crowns were the most prescribed (59.2 per cent) followed was porcelain – fused to – metal crowns (38. 1 per cent). A total of 68 fixed partial dentures, consisting of 178 retainers and 117 poetics made for 68 patients

Conclusion: Although the pattern of distribution was similar to that reported in the western world, there was discrepancies in the age distribution. While in the western western world patients who received crowns on the average 4 years younger than those who received fixed partial dental dentures, in the study they were on the average 10 years younger. It may be that people in the western world more teeth earlier in life than in Nigerians
Key Words: Artificial crowns, distribution, epidemiology
Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice Vol.7(1) 2004: 24-27

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