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Multiple tooth anomalies in a nonsyndromic patient with class II division 2 malocclusions: A case report and a literature review

E Isman, O Isman, AM Aktan, E Ciftci, T Topcuoglu


Reports in the literature about the craniofacial characteristics of patients with class II division 2 malocclusions show a lot of different patterns accompanied by palatally displaced upper incisors, congenital missing teeth, polydiastema, fusion, germination, tooth impaction, peg‑shaped lateral incisors, persistent teeth, hypodontia, persistent deciduous teeth, transpositions, and supernumerary teeth. The following case report focuses on the description of the clinical characteristics observed on a patient with a very unusual conjunction of dental and skeletal anomalies mentioned above, as well as a literature review on the related issues. Extra‑intra‑oral examinations, radiographic evaluations, orthodontic consultation, and reviewing the literature concluded that this nonsyndromic patient that refused to receive all dental treatment approaches is special with its uniqueness.

Keywords: Angle class II, fused teeth, malocclusion, overbite, tooth abnormalities

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