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A case report on a nasolabial cyst presenting with a nasolacrimal sac cyst

AZ Zengin, Z Unal‑Erzurumlu, R Karlı


Nasolabial cysts are rare, nonodontogenic soft tissue developmental cysts that occur in the maxillary lip and nasal alar regions. Patients with this type of cyst generally presents with an asymptomatic soft swelling that may obliterate the nasolabial fold, elevate the nasal ala or the floor of the nose and fill the labial vestibule intraorally. The exact origin of nasolabial cysts is uncertain. The seed theory suggests that these cysts develop from a misplaced epithelium of the nasolacrimal duct because of their similar location and histologic appearance. This report aimed to present a case of nasolabial cyst presenting with a nasolacrimal sac cyst.

Key words: Nasolabial cyst, nasolacrimal sac cyst, nonodontogenic cyst
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