Fibroadenoma: Accuracy of clinical diagnosis in females aged 25 years or less

  • OA Egwuonwu
  • SNC Anyanwu
  • GU Chianakwana
  • EC Ihekwoaba
Keywords: Accuracy, diagnosis, fibroadenoma


Background: Accurate clinical diagnosis of fibroadenoma in young females is desirable because of the possibility of nonoperative treatment for those desiring it.

Objectives: To determine the accuracy of the clinical diagnosis of fibroadenoma in patients aged ≤ 25 years.

Patients and Methods: A prospective study of all patients with breast disease presenting to the breast clinic was conducted from January 2004 to December 2008.

Results: During the study period, 145 patients aged ≤25 years presented with breast lumps. In this group, a clinical diagnosis of fibroadenoma was made in 100 (69.0%), fibrocystic disease in 32 (22.1%), breast cancer in 4 (0.03%) patients, the remaining were benign lesions. Excision biopsy was done for 81 (55.9%) patients. Of these 81 patients, only 62 (76.5%) returned with histology report. The histological diagnosis was fibroadenoma in 45 (72.5%) patients with a mean age of 21.4 years. Their ages range from 18 to 25 years. The histological diagnosis was fibrocystic disease in 9 (14.5%) and malignant phyllodes in 1 (1.6%) patient. The remaining 7 (11.3%) patients had other types of benign lesions. For fibroadenoma, true positive cases were 42, false positive 7 and false negative 3, and true negative 10. Therefore, the sensitivity of clinical diagnosis of fibroadenoma was 93.3%, while specificity was 58.8%.

Conclusion: The sensitivity of clinical diagnosis of fibroadenoma in patients aged ≤25 years was good, though specificity is low.

Keywords: Accuracy, diagnosis, fibroadenoma


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eISSN: 1119-3077