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Retrograde jejunal intussusception after total gastrectomy: A case report and literature review

GS Huang, Y Jin


Retrograde jejunal intussusception is a rare disease. A 60‑year‑old female patient was hospitalized due to vomiting for 2 days, with a history of radical gastrectomy plus esophagus jejunum Rouxs‑en‑Y. On examination, there was a palpable wax‑like mass on the left‑hand side underneath the umbilicus. Computerized tomography scan showed a proximal jejunal intussusception. During surgery, the distal jejunum was found set into the proximal jejunum for a length of 30 cm, and bowel necrosis was also observed. The necrotic tube was resected and anastomosis was performed. Four days after the surgery, gastrointestinal function resumed. After a 10‑month follow‑up, the patient had no discomfort.

Keywords: Retrograde jejunal intussusception, Rouxs‑en‑Y surgery, total gastrectomy
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