Histopathological evaluation of dental follicles of clinically symptomatic and asymptomatic impacted third molars

  • A Esen
  • K Isik
  • S Findik
  • D Suren
Keywords: Dental sac, impacted tooth, inflammation, oral surgery, third molar


Background and Aims: Surgical removal of impacted teeth is a common operation in oral surgery. Thus, pathological potential of impacted third molars is extensively studied. However, many of those studies based on data collected from analysis of radiographs only. The purpose of this retrospective study was to compare the follicles of symptomatic and asymptomatic impacted third molars histopathologically for a number of characteristics.

Materials and Methods: Records of the patients who had been previously operated for impacted third molars were reviewed. Eighty‑three patients were selected and divided into two groups, clinically symptomatic and clinically asymptomatic. None of the patients had a radiographic pericoronal radiolucency of wider than 2.5 mm. Histopathological samples of the patients were obtained and re‑examined by two pathologists. Two groups were statistically compared for 12 histological parameters.

Results: Eleven of the 12 parameters had statistically significant differences (P < 0.05), whereas one parameter (odontogenic remnants) was found not to be significantly different between the groups.

Conclusion: A delay in impacted third molar surgery can lead to further pathological changes in dental follicles and can increase severity of the inflammation. Moreover, dimensions of the pericoronal radiolucency may not provide a correct interpretation of the pathological changes in the region.

Keywords: Dental sac, impacted tooth, inflammation, oral surgery, third molar


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eISSN: 1119-3077