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Refractive aim and visual outcome after phacoemulsification: A 2‑year review from a Tertiary Private Eye Hospital in Sub‑Saharan Africa

O Oderinlo, AO Hassan, FO Oluyadi, AO Ogunro, ON Okonkwo, MO Ulaikere, O Ashano


Aim: To review the short‑term visual outcome of phacoemulsification in adults with uncomplicated cataracts in Eye Foundation Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria.
Materials and Methods: A retrospective review of records of patients that had phacoemulsification between January 2012 and December 2013 in Eye Foundation Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria, was done. Preoperative visual acuity, refractive aim, intraoperative complications, postoperative unaided, and best‑corrected visual acuity at 1 and 3 months were analyzed. Only eyes of adults that had phacoemulsification for uncomplicated cataracts were included in the study, all pediatric cataracts and eyes with ocular comorbidities were excluded. Common ocular comorbidities excluded were corneal opacity/corneal scar, glaucoma, uveitis, pseudo exfoliation syndrome, moderate and severe nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy, macula edema, proliferative diabetic retinopathy, eye trauma, age‑related macular degeneration, previous corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, and previous or simultaneous vitreoretinal surgery.
Results: A total of 157 eyes of 119 patients who met the inclusion criteria were analyzed. There were 60 (50.4%) females and 59 (49.6%) males, with age range from 31 to 91 years and a mean of 65.3 ± 11.10 years. Only eyes with available data were analyzed at 1 and 3 months postoperatively. In 112 eyes (85.7%), the refractive aim was met, 21 eyes (14.3%) did not meet their refractive aim, 20 eyes (12.7%) were excluded, the refractive aim could not be determined from the records as surgeons did not specify, and in 4 eyes, the required information was missing from the case files. An unaided visual acuity of 6/18 and better was achieved in 134 eyes (85.4%) at 1 month and 126 eyes (85.9%) at 3 months whereas best‑corrected vision of 6/18 and better was achieved by 145 eyes (92.4%) at 1 month and 146 eyes (98.0%) at 3 months.
Conclusion: Surgical outcomes after phacoemulsification are comparable with international benchmarks for good outcomes, with 85.4% of eyes achieving within 1 D of spherical equivalent of the refractive aim, 92.4% and 98.0% of eyes also achieving best‑corrected visual acuities of 6/18 and better at 1 and 3 postoperative months, respectively. Unaided vision of 6/18 and better was also achieved in 85.4% and 85.9% at 1 and 3 postoperative months, respectively.

Key words: Best‑corrected visual acuity, phacoemulsification, refractive aim

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