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Correlation between athlete training intensity and cardiac performance

T Xiao, Y Zhang


Objective: An effective analysis of correlation between training intensity of athletes and cardiac performance is done to develop scientific and reasonable exercise program and to promote health of athletes.
Methods: During December 2013-December 2015, 3600 students from different sports schools were selected for the test. All the athletes were randomly grouped, that is half-hour running group, one-hour running group and 90 -minute running group, which are named A, B, C groups respectively. The three groups of athletes received 5 days of testing per week, and took rest in the remaining two days, maintaining a total of 10 days. Exercise intensity of personnel accepting test was detected by RPE, and effective analysis was made on cardiac function change before and after test of three groups of the college students.
Results: Resting heart rates of B, C group students were considerably decreased after exercise. In comparison of falling range of group C and group A, there is a statistically significant difference, P <0.05.
Conclusion: By strengthening athletes’ training intensity, we can effectively enhance athletes’ cardiac performance. t As a result, athletes’ body becomes healthier, which is conducive to athletes’ physical and mental development.

Key words: Athlete, cardiac performance, correlation, training intensity
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