Odontogenic and nonodontogenic cysts: An analysis of 526 cases in Turkey

  • A Kilinc
  • B Gundogdu
  • N Saruhan
  • E Yalcin
  • U Ertas
  • G Urvasizoglu
Keywords: Histopathological subtypes, nonodontogenic cyst, odontogenic cyst


Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the age, gender, and sites of different types of odontogenic cysts (OCs) and non‑OCs (nOCs) (seen in eastern Anatolian population in Turkey.

Materials and Methods: The following data were collected from the clinical records and histopathology reports of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the Department of Oral Pathology, Ataturk University, Turkey, during a period of 10 years. They were analyzed descriptively in terms of incidence, age, sex, cyst type, and site.

Results: A total of 526 cysts were diagnosed during a 10‑year period. Of these, 330 (62.7%) were in males, and 196 (37.3%) were in females, the male:female ratio was 1.7:1. There were 509 (96.8%) OCs and 17 (3.2%) nOCs. There were 406 (77.2%) inflammatory OCs and 103 (19.6%) developmental OCs. Radicular cysts were the most frequent (66.4%), followed by dentigerous (19.2%) and residual (10.8%) cysts. Only nasopalatine duct cyst was found as nOC in this study (3.2%).

Conclusion: The distribution of jaw cysts in the Turkish Eastern Anatolian population is relatively similar to that of other populations reported in previous studies in the literature, in which most OCs were of inflammatory origin. However, the relative rates of cysts were higher than those reported in other studies.

Keywords: Histopathological subtypes, nonodontogenic cyst, odontogenic cyst


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eISSN: 1119-3077