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Evaluation of the learning and teaching environment of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

O Okoye, C.N. Ezisi, F.U. Ezepue


Purpose: The study aimed at evaluating the learning and teaching environment of undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Nigeria.

Methods: The study was a descriptive, cross‑sectional survey. The Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure (DREEM) questionnaire was self‑administered to the final year medical students during the second semester of 2013/2014 academic year. The 50‑items of the questionnaire were sub‑divided into five sub‑groups: perception of learning, perceptions of teachers, academic self‑perceptions, perceptions of atmosphere, and social self‑perceptions.

Results: The questionnaire was completed by 128 out of the 139 students (92.1%). Of the maximum score of 200, the total mean score was 101.82 ± 20.36 SD. The mean ± SD score of students’ perception of learning was 25.97 ± 4.18 (maximum score, 48). The mean ± SD score of teachers was 24.40 ± 4.74 (maximum score, 44), whereas that of students’ academic self‑perception, perception of atmosphere, and social self‑perception was 19.96 ± 5.29 (maximum score, 32), 19.02 ± 7.69 (maximum score, 48), and 11.86 ± 4.22 (maximum score, 28), respectively.

Conclusion: The overall mean score shows that the students’ perception of their learning environment was more positive than negative according to the practical guide of McAleer and Roff on the interpretation of DREEM questionnaire. However, there are problematic areas revealed by this study that will inform policy formulation and remedial intervention.

Keywords: Environment, learning, medical students, nigeria, teaching

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