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Common types and countermeasures of ankle ligament injury caused by intense basketball movement

H Hu


Objective: To analyze ankle ligament injury of basketball players caused during movement, summarize injury types, analyze the causes of injury, and put forward corresponding control measures.

Methods: The author selected 3100 basketball players with ankle ligament injury during basketball movement and admitted to different hospitals from June 2011 to June 2015 for stochastic analysis. Through the literature, investigation, and observation, etc., common types of injuries of basketball players are analyzed, and damage preventive measures of basketball players are discussed, so as to find measures to prevent and treat ankle ligament injury of basketball players and promote physical rehabilitation of players, which is in favor of their better career development.

Results: Basketball players are prone to ankle ligament injury in training or competition, which has a direct relationship with players’ poor safety consciousness and insufficient preparation during movement.

Conclusion: Basketball players will often have serious ankle ligament injury in the process of movement. Basketball coaches and players should reduce serious injury to players in training or competition, so as to stimulate passion of more professional basketball sports students for basketball, which also has a positive meaning for their future career.

Keywords: Ankle ligament injury, basketball movement, intense, prevention, type

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