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Case report: Acute angle closure following hemodialysis in a 34-year-old Nigerian female

O.O. Olawoye, T Ogunleye, T.F. Sarimiye, T.O. Bello


Studies have reported that intraocular pressure (IOP) might change markedly during hemodialysis. We report the case of a 34‑year‑old Nigerian female with a 3‑year history of chronic kidney disease secondary to chronic glomerulonephritis who presented with acute symptomatic elevation of IOPs following hemodialysis. She had no ocular complaints immediately before undergoing hemodialysis. She presented with a history of pain, redness, and mild blurring of vision in the left eye about 15 min after hemodialysis. Examination revealed circumciliary injection, shallow anterior chambers, and closed angles on gonioscopy in both the eyes. She was treated with pilocarpine (4%) four times daily and dorzolamide/ timolol (2%/0.5%) twice daily combination eye drops with subsequent relief of symptoms and IOP reduction from an initial 48 and 74 mmHg to 10 and 12 mmHg for the right and left eyes, respectively. This case highlights the need for sensitization and awareness among renal physicians and ophthalmologists of the possibility of extremely high IOP during or immediately following hemodialysis. It also emphasizes the importance of gonioscopy and treatment of at‑risk patients with narrow angles before hemodialysis.

Keywords: Angle closure, hemodialysis, intraocular pressure

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